Customer Information

The former firm MTS Pricken e.K. is now
Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH
and belongs for 100% to
Büdiam Diamantwerkzeuge R. und N. Büttner GmbH, Germany.

Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH

Hans-Boeckler-Str. 12
Halle 5
40764 Langenfeld / GERMANY

+49 - (0) 21 73 - 89 31 00 - 0

Service and Repairs

We service your tools professionally. After measurement, your tools are fitted with high-quality replacement parts. Full functionality is guaranteed.

Moreover, fixed maintenance contracts enable you to benefit from our free collection and delivery service.

We'd be happy to discuss this subject with you.

Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH, Germany

Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH, Germany