Customer Information

The former firm MTS Pricken e.K. is now
Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH
and belongs for 100% to
Büdiam Diamantwerkzeuge R. und N. Büttner GmbH, Germany.

Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH

Hans-Boeckler-Str. 12
Halle 5
40764 Langenfeld / GERMANY

+49 - (0) 21 73 - 89 31 00 - 0

Products from Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH, Germany

Our products are based on decades of experience. We make no compromises relative to quality when purchasing the required components.

  • Diamond quality and bond strengths are designed to meet your needs.
  • Of course, our specialists have the necessary experience.

Products of Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH, Germany

  • We produce a nearly infinitke selection of diamond tools.
  • Regardless of what you need, we fabricate according to your sketches or develop tools together with you.

Our employees in Technical Support stand by you in word and deed.

Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH, Germany

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