Customer Information

The former firm MTS Pricken e.K. is now
Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH
and belongs for 100% to
Büdiam Diamantwerkzeuge R. und N. Büttner GmbH, Germany.

Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH

Hans-Boeckler-Str. 12
Halle 5
40764 Langenfeld / GERMANY

+49 - (0) 21 73 - 89 31 00 - 0

Dressing technology

Abrasive grain is subjected to an uninterrupted process of dulling during griding. Loose abrasive particles and grinding chips clog pores and the grinding wheel's profiles is constantly changing.

You achieve outstanding grinding results with our dressing tools adjusted to your requirements.

Tools for Wheel Dressing from Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH, Germany

We fabricate according to your requirements

  • Single point dressers
  • Rotary diamond dressers
  • Multi-point dressers
  • Dessing plants
  • Manual dressers
  • Special dressers

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