Customer Information

The former firm MTS Pricken e.K. is now
Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH
and belongs for 100% to
Büdiam Diamantwerkzeuge R. und N. Büttner GmbH, Germany.

Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH

Hans-Boeckler-Str. 12
Halle 5
40764 Langenfeld / GERMANY

+49 - (0) 21 73 - 89 31 00 - 0

About Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH, Germany

Our products are used everywhere where

  • high processing performance,
  • precision, and
  • cost-effectiveness

are required. Our comprehensive quality assurance ensures a uniformly high product level during all production steps.

Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH, Germany

The production of special tools, matched to the individual application conditions at our customers, rounds out the programme. We thus present a highly qualified and practice-proven range of products.

Büdiam Abrichttechnik GmbH, Germany